It’s the dispersion in water of an aliphatic polyurethane binder.

USE: Binder-1018 can be mixed with other binders regardless of ratio. It can be used successfully on damaged skin of goat, sheep and calfskin finishing due to Binder-1018’s covering and filming ability (especially on sanded leathers). Adhesion of newly formed film is perfect. Wet and dry rubbing fastness is very high. Binder-1018 can form compatible mixtures with protein based binders (caseins), waxes and other auxiliaries.



Film : Middle- hard, flexible, glossy
Appearance : Milky white colored, liquid
Active Matter : %30 ± 2
PH : 7,5 – 8,5
Ionic Character : Anionic
Storage : Safe product, protect from freezing and extreme heat.