Product Features
It nourishes the leather and fills the gaps. It protects leather and stitches in ironing process. Gives a natural lively appearance.
Used in waxless brush finishing of antique and crust leathers.

It is spread on all full grain leather types on the shoetree before curing in oven. It penetrates in the leather with the heat and removes wrinkles and gaps.
Buffed with low speed soft cotton brush.

Standart Colours
Colour Image Product Code
Natural SF – 3010
Black SF – 3030
Brown SF – 3040
Red Brown SF – 3044
Tan SF – 3045
Dark Brown SF – 3050


Packing type                                      Box
1 KG Plastic Carton of 12 buckets,    12 KG
5 KG Plastic Carton of 4 buckets,     20 KG

Shelf life of about 12 months if stored in well closed original packings in a dry and airy place. Keep from freezing and extreme heat.