Micro – emulsion of very soft acrylic copolymers.

USE: It is a soft filling binder developed for the leathers with skin. It is applied 18-20 grams per square foot by roller coat or spray gun. Leathers are stacked in a manner that their skins look upward. It is recommended for garment leather finishing due to its very small particle structure. This characteristic of MICRO BINDER ensures good penetration in the leathers with skin. So a solid finishing film diffusing deep into the leather is obtained. Furthermore, it ensures a filling touché for loose structured and porous leathers. It should not be used separately during upper finishing.



Film : Very soft, flexible
Apperance : Semi-transparent, yellowish liquid
Active Matter : %20 ± 2
PH : 7.5 ± 1
Iconic Character : Anionic
Storage : Safe product, protect from freezing and extreme heat.