Surfactant in water-alcohol mixture.

USE: A mixture enhancing penetration of leather. It comprises from special tensio-active substances and solvents. This substance provides penetration of the mixtures of pigment, dye and binder into leather. It may be used compatible with anionic polymer emulsions. It removes the substances such as oil, etc. which may be found on surface of lining leather and hinder the diffusion of dye
into leather. This penetrator ensures rigid binding of dye on leather. Furthermore, it provides smooth application of color mixtures, prevents color difference on leather. In general, it should be used as much as 3-5% of dye mixture.



Film : Yellowish, transparent, liquid
Active Matter : %24 ± 2
PH : 7,0 – 1,0
Density : 1.0 g/cm3
Storage : Safe product, protect from freezing and extreme heat.