NATURE : Polyurethane binders and natural and synthetic fillers in water dispersion.

USE : STUCCO-RT is an easy buffable prebottoming compound for corrected-grain and split leathers. It allows to get excellent sealing and surface levelling before finishing, as it covers small defects, uniforms leather appearance and fullness and regularizes the absorption degree of subsequent finishes. STUCCO-RT forms a rubbery, elastic , matt film. The product has been formulated
so that it requires the addition of 15-20% of water before application on the leather. This operation allows the viscosity to be regulated to the desired degree. Anyremaining ROTAPASTE already diluted may give rise to surface layers, so careful stirring is needed before use.
The application of ROTAPASTE improves leather quality ,but even if the surface film obtained is excellent from a technical point of view, flexing endurance could be affected since more of it stays on the surface. We therefore recommend carrying out some specific preliminary tests before adoption.

STUCCO-RT is applied by rollercoater at a viscosity of 20” Ford Cup N. 6. Apply 60-80 g/sq.m. After application, dry plate at 80˚C, 100 atm and buff normally with 240 paper.


PHYSICAL PROPERTIES Standard Value Test Method
Appearance whitish emulsion MDA 008
Dry content (%) 22 ± 2 MDA 010/011
pH (1:10) 9 ± 1 MDA 004
Density (g/cm³) 0.73 ± 0.05 MDA 018


Store in a dry, cool, well-ventilated area between +5˚C and 40˚C. Keep from freezing. For safe use of the product, the information given in the safety data sheet should be carefully observed.

The product is guaranteed for its physical and quality characteristics for 12 months from the date of production. It has to be kept in its original drum, well sealed and stored, following the conditions in our technical and safety data sheet.