Genel Özellikler

Ürün Özellikleri Water based emulsion of acrylic binders, waxes and fillers.
Uygulama This product is a compact mixture developed for the application on split and sanded leathers. It has got high covering power and good pressing ability. It does not make any adhesion problem. This compact mixture creates an ideal primer coating. It should be applied on split and sanded leathers in cross coat by a spray gun. It is applied in a way corresponding to 15 grams as per 1 cross coat. Following printing, it should be used in a 1 cross coat in a manner to correspond 6 gr per square foot. In roller coat applications, viscosity should be adjusted by the water ratio.

Fiziksel Özellikleri

Whitish emulotion
Aktif Madde %30 ± 2
PH 8,0
İyonik Karakteri Anyonik
Depolama Dondan ve sıcaktan korunmalıdır